The Importance of Astrology in our lives

Published: 18th September 2009
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Most people do not realize the importance of astrology. Astrology is an important part of our daily lives. We can predict our future to some extent using astrology. It has influence on our moods, and our reactions to everyday occurrences.

Evidences of the use of astrology by people of ancient history have been found in ancient cave drawings, Egyptian pyramids and ancient manuscripts. One of the most recent, and probably the most amazing discovery about astrology in history is the birth of Christ according to the christian bible.

It was said that the star of Bethlehem was an astrological event but astrologists and scientists now say that it was not a star at all. The people from the east believed that a major event would happen in Judah within the constellation of the Lion based on the position of planets. In other words, the people used astrology to predict the event of birth, and not a star.

Astrology plays an important role for people of many different cultures. People from India and China use astrology in their daily lives to take important decisions.

Astrology has become more like a form of entertainment in the west. Major newspapers and magazines publish horoscope readings based on sun signs. There are horoscope booklets that are sold in most supermarkets. You can even find astrologists who charge you to get your astrological readings over phone.

But even today most people do not realize the importance of astrology and its benefits. Astrology can be simply described as the influence of planets and stars on our daily lives. And these influences are quite real.

You must have noticed that people have difficulties making decisions around the time of new moon. You could have experienced this yourself. Our minds and emotions are actually affected by the different phases of moon much more than anyone could realize. This is just a small example of the importance of astrology.

Have you ever noticed that your moods changes drastically during different stretches of time? A study of planetary movements reveals a pattern that shows how your moods change. Based on your birth chart the position of the planets in your astrological chart can be viewed. These studies can explain changes in your daily reactions and moods.

In short, we can say that our lives are influenced by the position moon, sun and stars. There are many events and people that affect our lives. These events and people are influenced by astrology as much as you are.

If you can learn and understand how astrology affects you and others, you can begin using this knowledge to your benefits. If your astrological chart shows any unsteady changes in your emotions, you can pull off taking major decisions until this time in passed. It can be said that the knowledge of astrology can really change our life.

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